Open Air Photo Booths have really set the tone for our special events with plenty of the same options found in bulkier kiosks. 

13" Touch Screen Interface

Using the most reliable products on the market, taking photos with family and friends is as easy and fun as taking selfies should be. This unit carries a powerful built-in adjustable LED ring light to inspire the perfect glow. You can apply your favorite filters and even add digital props to enhance your photo experience!

Customize Your Photo Strips

Dj So Pro offers free custom designing to match your color scheme, theme, or simply to personalize by adding a short message, name, or company logo on 2x6 strip or 4x6 digital photos.

Nautical Tripod Stand

New!  Our designer nautical tripod stand is made of premium teak wood with polished hardware providing a retro style finish to your venue space. Compliment your photo booth with any of our high definition backdrops available in matching wood, brick, & abstract designs.

The Dj So Pro Backdrop Collection

All of our backdrops are made with high resolution images and printed onto tension fabric for the sleekest look this industry has to offer. Tension fabrics are perfectly fitted to  our commercial grade aluminum  stand with larger baseplates. Photo Credits: Sweet Memories Photography at Jenn & Greg's Wedding, Mizner Golf Club, Delray Beach

Sequin backdrops are available upon request using our traditional pipe and drape equipment.



Using box truss has plenty of advantages. This style of open air photo booth has been a customer favorite for it's lighting options. Each totem comes with a wash light [(any color(s) depending on the mode] reflecting rich color all the way from the base up, highlighting the structure for an impressive effect.  Add a large moving head to the very top of the truss to match some of our Dj setups. We can also add a variety of other fixtures such as spot lights, name projectors, special effects machines, and even speakers. 

Make It All White

At Dj So Pro we understand the importance of color coordination. We also carry an assortment of white fixtures, prop displays, and spandex covers for our trusses and prop tables at your convenience.   

Crowd Proof

With a 30"x30" aluminum base plate and a load capacity of 6,103 pounds, there is no crowd this system can't handle. We carry stanchions and assorted velvet ropes to accommodate your guests. 

Add A Compact Printer

Our printer is available for all kiosk systems. DNP is the leading sublimation manufacturer in the world with quality media kits printing at 8.3 seconds per photo and a total of 400 photos per hour. We use the industry standard. This compact printer fits perfectly on our truss shelf in any angle to compliment your event space. 


NEW! Xclusive MIRROR BOOTH - Available now!

The Canon T6 DSLR Camera is the industry standard in photo booth kiosks around the world. 

BRIGHTEN YOUR coming events

Get professional grade photos with the help of the built-in 160W Xenon Strobe Flash.


Our tempered glass is laced with a capacitive touch mirror with 20 touch points. This beautiful mirror booth is equipped with a Samsung 40″ 4K TV Screen.


Get a custom design by Dj So Pro using attract mode animation to entice your guests.  Our Xclusive Mirror Booth prompts you every step of the way using it's built-in 3 in. surround speakers for crystal clear enjoyment! Ask about game mode. 



Meet our  latest addition to the photo booth line up! The Ice Cube Photo Booth is an 8'x8'x8' in size packed with high powered LED's with over a dozen color combinations to choose from!

Totally memorable

There are plenty of venues with large enough space to fit the "Ice Cube Photo Booth".  Back when we were kids, bounce houses protruded from someone's yard  to make a magnificent structure and play area where we would jump our sugar off for hours! We can't turn back the hands of time to relive those memories, but we sure have something to create new one's with a souvenir. The Ice Cube Photo Booth has plenty of space to bring you and your friends back to the good old days where being silly was the norm! We have a huge selection of props to keep you going! This time keep the memories with you forever as our kiosks offer unlimited prints through out the event and ever-after? Ever-after? How so? The internet! After the party is over we will provide you with a link to every picture for share with your guests! 


Just like the "Ice Cube Photo Booth", our stanchions light up as well making it the ideal setup for parties looking to get a very exciting and colorful open air photo booth like no other!