Low Laying Fog


Every girl has that image in her head of the perfect moment when her Prince Charming sweeps her off her feet into the bliss of cloud 9. The air is perfectly filled with love for all to take heed.   

Verticle Fog Streamers


Add a dramatic flair to any Grand Entrance, or Performance with 25ft high plumes of colored fog and simulated jet noises for the maximum attention. 

Confetti Blasts


The Grand Entrance is your first official introduction to the party so why not kick it off with a bang? Have your own parade. Let's celebrate!

Indoor Sparklers


Our indoor sparklers can go 90 seconds nonstop or in 15 second intervals as your magical moment transpires!

Wireless Bubbles


When it comes to the extras, Dj So Pro has them all. Wireless Bubble Machines will add an extra sparkle to your wedding ceremony. Works great outdoors!

Snow Machines


What is a "Winter Wonderland" without snow? Our Snow Machines produce an ultra fine foam creating the illusion of snow without the cold mess. 

Dj So Pro Snow Machine Demo