Standard RGB+UV LED Par

Compact, low profile par designed for uplighting walls & stage wash lighting. This LED par will create ambiance to any room daisy chained 10ft apart with several fixtures alike. It's a 2-IN-1 LED Par offering RGB color mixing plus a UV black light making it a multi-use wash fixture. 


Go Wireless!

Our wireless LED fixtures are bright with a 15° beam angle, rechargeable battery, and a built-in D-Fi transceiver. It has 18W of RGB color mixing and can be operated with the control panel from our mobile phone or tablet running the  product software app.   


No Cables!

Fits neatly inside any 12" box truss or against virtually any surface without contradicting the clean look you're looking for. We carry the waterproof IP rated version as well for outdoor use. This is great for lighting up tall trees and other landscape far from a power outlet.