Linear RGB


A linear wash and effect light fitted with 320 LEDs (128 red, 96 green, 96 blue) and featuring built-in, Generate eye-catching chase and runway effects with built-in.

Linear UV


This ultraviolet LED fixture is great for performance stages, theatrical productions, special effects installations, and mobile light show. 

Color Tubes


Create an alternative look to uplightin or surround a dance floor area. For use on stages, mobile productions, nightclubs and houses of worship.

Wireless LED Sticks


A  unique and versatile free-standing RGB LED. This battery powered fixture has a built-in D-Fi receiver that allows it to be placed anywhere. 

Water Simulator


Designed to project on walls, ceilings or floors with or without fog“ great for mood or background lighting 

Tripple Beam Wash


A versatile fixture that is not only ideal for accenting walls and other surfaces, but also can be used to create unique beam effects.

Multi Effect


  3-in-1 LED light fixture, guaranteed to make your party larger than life. It is equipped with laser, strobe, and rotating colored multi-beams with super bright output for a great variety of dazzling looks and mid-air effects.



Creates emotionalizing beam shows and graphics projections. It's scanned pattern is multiplied many times and covers a wide range. RG and RB or just red or just blue. 

Disco Ball


This disco ball simulator can emit up to 3 different colors of room-filling beams simultaneously.